We are committed to providing your child with the highest quality early childhood education and care in a nurturing environment. Our program is designed to encourage each child to reach their full potential and develop a love for learning through activities and experiences throughout their day.


Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum is based on theory and research. There are five basic components that comprise the curriculum. From these five categories, focus and planning can be aimed so that learning is best achieved for children birth through kindergarten.

  • How Children Develop and Learn describes the social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development of children.
  • The Learning Environment offers a model for setting up the physical environment for routines and experiences in ways that address the developing abilities and interests of children.
  • What Children Learn shows the responsive relationship formed with each child, the daily interactions, and the materials & experiences offered become the building blocks for successful learning.
  • The Teacher’s Role describes the varied and interrelated roles of teachers who work with children.
  • The Family’s Role explores the benefits of working with families as partners in the care of their children.

We encourage children to observe, take things apart, build and see what they can find out. The more active children are in their work, the more they learn and remember. As children play, we watch how they use materials. We listen. We talk with them to find out what they are thinking and trying to do. We observe what they do and take note. Through those notes, activities are planned that interest them as well as meet the learning objectives.

Baby Sign

The Baby Signs® Program helps children develop both language and cognitive skills. Studies show that babies who sign actually develop speech sooner and have larger vocabularies when they do start talking. The Baby Signs® Program is based on groundbreaking research which began an international movement to teach hearing babies to use signs. After 20 years of careful study, researchers proved that using signs actually enhances language, cognitive, and social-emotional development.

Using the Baby Signs® Program:

  • Reduces tears, tantrums, & frustration
  • Allows babies to share their worlds
  • Increases respect for babies
  • Strengthens the parent-infant bond
  • Boosts self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Makes learning to talk easier
  • Stimulates intellectual development

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Bible Curriculum

The Bible Curriculum includes stories from the Old and New Testament to teach children character traits and values. Through songs, stories, drama, art, and exploration in a variety of interest areas, the Bible comes to life for young children.