Facility / Features

SAFETY AND SECURITY- Our buildings are equipped with security systems to protect the children in our care. This system ensures that only those with access will be allowed to enter the building. Families are provided with access and instructions for entry upon enrollment.

WATCHMEGROW- Each classroom is equipped with a secure internet camera. These cameras make it possible for you to log-in to watch your child learn and play throughout the day. These cameras are secure and accessible to families through the WatchMeGrow website with login id and password (instructions available at time of enrollment). There is a disclaimer to be signed by parents upon enrollment stating login information will not be shared.

TADPOLES- We realize the importance of good communication and are always on the lookout for new and better ways to communicate with our families. Tadpoles allows our teachers to capture special moments, take photos and videos of the children in action as well as send daily reports and classroom information by email. Each classroom is equipped with Tadpoles on an iPad.

Tadpoles also has a parent app available for iOS and Android smart phones or other devices. The parent app allows parents/guardians to view all pictures or videos ever received of their child/ren, provide notes to the child’s teacher, mark their child absent, view the daily report throughout the day and more.