Apr 30, 2018

Chef Heather’s Table – April 2018

Howdy Bullfrogs & Butterflies families!

Have you  heard the exciting news?
We have started preparing all of our proteins fresh in house! This means fresh, antibiotic free beef, poultry, and even eggs from our kitchen, to your child’s belly. We are only using antibiotic free, white chicken breast moving forward and it’s even sourced nearby, from a farm just outside of Grand Rapids, MI.

Did you know?
All of our ready cut fruit comes in extra light juice syrup, and our applesauce is always unsweetened and sourced in the USA!

We are still working on gathering everything we need to do our sensory farm to table gardens this Spring. Please let us know if you’re interested in donating!

Items we need for our garden:

  • gardening tools (adult & child size)
  • buckets
  • unopened seed packets
  • plant starteres
  • germination stations

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