Apr 30, 2018

Chef Heather’s Table – March 2018

Hello families!

In an attempt to better communicate with our families, I have decided to start a monthly share section! This will be included with each monthly newsletter.

I want to share my love for gardening horticulture with the Preschool classes this Spring. My goal is to teach them how to grow and manage a garden, but with a unique ending, as I want them to have their very own farm-to-table experience with what they produced. I plan on teaching them how to cut, clean and even menu plan with the produce they grew with their very own hands!

I’m reaching out to families, that might have extra gardening supplies, or might be willing to contribute to our project. We will be looking for tools, buckets, seeds, plant starteres and germination stations over the next coming months.

90% of our baked goods are whole grain. Our breads, rolls, buns – if not made in house – come fresh, delivered from an approved local bakery.

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